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Pompano Largemouth Bass Tarpon Cobia Dolphin Sheepshead Snook Red Drum Kingfish Spotted Seatrout

 Also known as Speck and Speckled Trout

(Cynoscion nebulosus)


The Spotted Seatrout is one of the most popular gamefish of Florida and ranges from  New York through the Gulf of Mexico.

It is a sturdy fish with an elongated, streamlined body.  The mouth is large with a larger lower jaw and an upper jaw with two prominent canine teeth.  The dorsal fin is divided by a deep notch.  The Spotted Seatrout is silvery in color with olive green tints on the back.  It has a lateral line which runs from just behind the gills to the tail, above which are numerous black spots which extend onto the second half of the dorsal fin.

The fish prefers water temperatures in the 65 to 75 degree F. range.  They can be found in just about any inshore or near shore waters.  From the surf and jetties, grass flats and shell banks to inland coastal rivers.  The average fish ranges in size from 14" to 20" and can weigh from about a pound up to five pounds.  Larger fish can be found and the world record is 17 pounds 7 ounces.

Spotted Seatrout is a good quality seafood and is a favorite dish for many people.  It is targeted by commercial fishing as well as sportfishing interests.


Check Captain Cook's Recipes
for cooking and grilling fish tips.

The methods and equipment for catching these trout are widely varied.  You can use spinning gear, baitcasting gear or flyfishing gear.  They can be caught by still fishing, casting or drifting, from shore, bridge or boat.

Live shrimp is the bait of choice for most trout fishing, however if you are going for a trophy size fish live small fish are a better choice.  These are usually fished below a popping cork. Dead bait such as mullet strips, shrimp and pinfish can be fished much the same way as live bait.

 Artificials which take numerous trout can include silver or gold spoons, plastic tail grubs, bucktail jigs and plugs.  Fly fishermen use a variety of popping bugs and streamer flies.

Seatrout can hit with a strong force and the first instinct is to set the hook hard. Don't do it!  They have a relatively soft mouth which tears easily.  Set the hook gently and don't try to winch them in.

Tight Lines and Good Luck!.

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