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Equipment2 Light Tackle Fishing Setting Drag

Equipment Maintenance Tips .... 
  • Setting Drag On A Lever Drag Reel
  • Reel Storage Tip --  Always store your reels with the drag set at no tension (free spool) or as low as it can go. This will prevent flat spots on drag material. You can set the clicker to "On" to prevent the reel from turning and line unwinding.
Product Info and Reviews .... 

Penn Accessory Handles for  International® 955 & 965 Baitcasters

Penn has accessory handles for its extremely popular International® 955 and 965 Baitcasters, designed to give anglers the speed, power and comfort they need when fighting tough saltwater gamefish.

These counterbalanced handles are larger than the standard "double paddle" style handle and feature a large, comfortable soft grip that's easy to hold ? even when you're fighting with wet, slimy hands.  This is just the ticket whether you're working a plug for tarpon, slugging it out with salmon or taming school tuna.   Anglers who prefer this style of handle will find it equally effective for tackling tough freshwater adversaries such as lake trout, striped bass, pike or walleye.

These rugged aluminum handles are the perfect complement to Penn's International® Baitcasters.  A gleaming gold anodized finish with a stainless steel counterbalance make these handles as attractive as they are functional.

If you want to "get crankin" with Penn's International® accessory handles, see your authorized Penn retailer.

PENN Has Two Long Beach Reels That Weigh Less and
Offer More Than Ever Before

Versatile Long Beach 267 and 268 Models Feature One Piece Graphite Frames and Anodized Aluminum Spools

Penn's new Long Beach 267 and 268 reels feature one piece graphite frames and anodized aluminum spools for reduced weight with increased strength, durability and versatility.

These latest additions to Penn's popular Long Beach Series for 2000 are perfect for handling a wide variety of angling applications, including chumming, trolling and bottom fishing. Like Penn's other Long Beach reels, the new 267 and 268 reels are made in the U.S.A. from the finest materials available. Each model features a precision machined stainless steel pinion gear, super strong bronze alloy main gear and a 2.5-1 retrieve for plenty of cranking power. This makes both the Long Beach 267 and 268 ideal for landing gamefish like stripers, cod, grouper, halibut or deepwater rockfish.

The Penn Long Beach 267 weighs in at 23.5 ounces and holds an impressive 475 yards of 30-pound test. For anglers requiring even more line capacity, the larger Long Beach 268 (25.5 ounces) can be spooled up with 600 yards of 30-pound test.

The Long Beach 267 and 268 models feature Penn's proven HT100 multi-disc star drag system for consistently smooth and reliable fish-stopping performance. Other quality features include: stainless steel reel stand; Penn's exclusive soft grip handle for a sure, comfortable grip under any conditions; a loud durable clicker; graphite rod clamp system; and corrosion resistant, chrome plated brass exposed metal components.
Long Beach 267 and 268 reels are best matched with rods from Penn's Long Beach, Mariner, Power Stick or Slammer families.



Salt Water Sportsman Magazine subscriptionSalt Water Sportsman -- As someone who likes to fish and wants to preserve American natural life, you want to be informed about the best places to sail and the best ways to be environmentally conscious. Salt Water Sportsman is the magazine that delivers. Each issue reports on ocean boating and sailing from a fishing perspective, with a major emphasis on marine conservation.
Bass Master Fishing Magazine SubscriptionBass Master -- Bassmaster is the official magazine of BASS, a worldwide membership of more than 1/2 million bass anglers. 
Its purpose is to educate, inform and entertain while promoting and enhancing the sport of bass fishing. 
Sport Fishing Magazine SubscriptionSport Fishing --   There is no greater rush than hitting the ocean and catching a big-game fish. Sport Fishing is the magazine of saltwater 
fishing that gives you tips on baiting and rigging, instruction on saltwater flyfishing, reviews of the latest tackle, tips on fine-tuning your 
boat's electronics, guides to the hottest fishing destinations in the world and information on your next charter.
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