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Captain Jim Hammond  -  Jacksonville, FL     Inshore  
Tel: (904) 757-7550.

September 23, 2015

Strange Year  

This year has been sort of strange in the way of weather and we all know, weather plays a big part in the outdoor activities like fishing. At the beginning of the year, it took forever for the water temperature to warm up then once it got in the mid to high seventies, it dropped back down to the low seventies and stayed there for a while. Now, here it is the end of September and the water is down to 75 in the ICW and the ocean temperature this summer has ranged from the low eighties to the low seventies. The ocean temperature has a lot to do with wind direction and this year we did not have our normal east/southeast prevailing winds. Instead, we had strong westerly winds for most of the summer. And now we are going through one of the wettest Septembers that I can remember. What does all of this mean? What is going on? Well, what does it really matter? We cannot do anything about the weather. The only real thing that matters, is you better get out there and catch some fish. And I mean some flounder, reds and trout.  

Thatís right, the fish are biting and you better get some. This is mullet exodus time and that means the fish are biting. If you have a cast net, now is the time to get it out and put some finger mullet in the live well. This time of the year, finger mullet are by far the best live or natural bait to use to trick the eating fish, to come home with you. Mullet can be fished by impaling them on a lead head jig and tossing them to the edges, rigging them under a cork with a weighted lead head jig or unweighted hook, free lining them out the back of the boat or sent out on a Carolina rig. Any way you fish them, they are a primo bait, this time of the year.  

If you do not have a cast net, not to worry as you can use an assortment of both soft and hard plastic lures to trick the fish. For soft plastics, it is hard to beat a Saltwater or Bass Assassin as they make so many shapes, colors and sizes, you are bound to find one that works for you. If you do decide to use a Bass Assassin, it is hard to pass up on the shad, curl tail or paddle tail shape. Try these styles and you should be able to sneak up on some eating fish and if you play your cards right, you might be able to invite a few to join you for dinner. For color, it is hard to go wrong with a lure that is either, white, silver, black, chartreuse or blue or some combination of these colors, like, silver and chartreuse or black and silver. These are by far not the only colors that will get you a bite but these colors that have consistently worked for me for over 40 years.  

As far as hard plastic baits go, use the same colors as above. I like a floater diver because, I am usually fishing shallow water and a sinking lure will stay hung up on the bottom or get buried in an oyster mound and even in the day when lures were free, I do not like losing them. Topwater lures also work exceptionally well, this time of the year. Just about any lure that makes a splash or rattles will produce some nice fish. I really like a Bomber Long A in blue with silver sides or a Mirro Lure Provoker. Both of these dive when retrieved and float when you stop the retrieve. So if you come in contact with the bottom, you can stop winding and they will float back to the surface.  

Another way to fill the cooler this time of the year is fishing at night under lighted docks. When you find a dock that is holding fish, you can quickly limit out on trout. When I fish at night, I ride through and area with several lighted docks, looking for fish crashing the surface.  

This is also the time to get a pile of flounder and they will eat, shrimp, mullet, an assortment of artificial lures and mullet filets. Try bridge piles or rocky shorelines and be ready to give up some tackle in this structure filled bottom. Bring more than one hook because you will be fishing the bottom and you will get hung up on whatever is on the bottom.  

The monster reds are also in the river and fishing over deep rock piles or ledges with mullet, crabs, squid or cut up ladyfish will produce some nice string stretching but it is rare that you will catch any that are in the keeper slot size. Most of these are in the 20 to 40 pound class.  

If the water temperature keeps dropping, you can expect and early bite from sheepshead around the jetty rocks and a fiddler crab fished in or near the rocks will generate some tasty fish for the table.  

All of this rain has pushed some snook into areas they do not normally visit, so you might end up with a few of these as Capt. Dave Borries did last week.

 Good Fishing

Jim Hammond

Capt. Jimís Fun Fishing Inc

Jacksonville, Fl 32226

904 757 7550



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Captain Taco Perez  --  Fort Lauderdale - Fishing Aboard Hooked Up          
Hooked Up Sportfishing
Phone 954-764-4344

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Captain Rick
Sea Horse Charters
- Islamorada Florida Keys Sportfishing from Whale Harbor Marina 
 Phone: 305-664-5020  Email:

January 24, 2013

Please check back for a report from Capt Rick


Islamorada Sportfishing --  Islamorada Offshore, Reefs, Bridges, Flats & Backcountry
Email      website:  

Florida Keys Fishing Report week of 9/21/14
This past week the weather has been a bit dicey with a few days socked in with lots of rain and thunder storms that probably did keep some captains at dock.  For those who got out the highlight of offshore activity was on the Islamorada Hump.  Captain Paul Johnson on the Reef Runner out of Whale Harbor Marina fished the Hump and got into Tuna large and small with trolled feathers and live bait.  Caption Brian Cone out of Robbieís Marina on Lower Matecumbe Key loaded up on live bait in the form of Pilchards and slammed the big Blackfin Tuna on the hump with Tuna from 20 to 30 pounds.  Captain Brian decided to let his anglers rest after battling the big Tuna and went beyond the hump area and at about 18 miles found a raft floating with a bunch of slammer Dolphin from 15 to 25 pounds.
Fishing the reef these days is like being on auto pilot, meaning it is the for the most part the same deal.  That deal is the Yellowtail Snapper.  All along the reef the Snapper action is good to great depending on the conditions one gets from day to day.  Captain Robert Mathias fished a half day this past week and got his guys a limit of Yellowtail and the catch included a couple of Mangrove Snapper and one Mutton Snapper.  Pretty much everything was caught by free lining small bits of bait in the chum slick as the Snapper rose from the rocky reef to feed.
Gulf and Bay:
With the volatile weather this past week there was no confirmed report from the Gulf.  Torrential rain and lightning can convince a guy in an open boat to stay close to port when fishing.  The Gulf and open Bay will be good with catches of tasty Mangrove Snapper feeding in the hot backcountry waters.  The catch will most likely includes a Trout or Two and of course the ever present Jack Crevalle and Ladyfish. 
Flats, Backcountry and Flamingo:
Flamingo has become a popular destination since the open of Snook season on the first of the month.  Guides are carrying Shrimp of course, but most will take Pinfish and or Pilchards if available.  The Snook and Reds will be in the same haunts such as channels and drains and moats around islands.  Look for Tarpon rolling on the tide changes and slack water and fish live or dead baits for them with 20# spin or staying with 30# conventional as there may still be Tarpon over 100pounbds present.  Back in the Islamorada area fish the channels for Tarpon and there is a good presence of Permit to be had too.





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